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I’m in a good place at the moment. A really good place.

My grades at Uni are good (maybe not as good as I’d like, but hey-ho!). I’ve got plenty of friends, and I feel like some of them will be around for a long time.

And I’ve got plenty of projects in the works.

I’m producing Black Box for it’s third iteration this term. I’m a bit nervous, wondering how new people will react to it. With my previous production, I went in 100% confident in my cast choices. My directing was very complacent, because they knew what they were doing. The actors I’ve chosen I KNOW can shine, but I’ll need to be more hands-on this time. I’ll let you guys know how it develops!

I’m also dipping my foot into the world of video-game voice-overs. I’m happy to announce I shall voice the narrator of an upcomnig indie game! The game itself is essentially a mash-up of Portal and The Stanley Parable, and if that doesn’t get you excited, you need to get on my level, scrub.

However, the main project of 2016 will be my new Podcast, The Frost. The script and story have changed a lot since the pilot, so it’ll be interesting to see what people think. I’m really excited by this one. I want to treat it like a professional venture. To do that, I need to pay voice actors, artists and editors. I’m going to be launching an indiegogo campaign soon, so watch out for that!

So yeah, a lot of big things to come in 2016! Hopefully I’ll maintain this blog better than I did last year.


Name change!

So, because I’m uploading more scripts than reviews, I’m changing the site name. That’s it really. I want to change the focus from reviews to scripts and opinion pieces. Even on twitter, I feel like I can’t voice my opinion, so I’ll be writing on more things I find interesting. Happy new year and all that. Peace.