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Film Review: Persepolis

Persepolis is a unique and captivating look at life through the eyes of a young Iranian girl against the backdrop of the Iranian revolution. If you haven’t watched it yet, trust me, you really should.

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Review: It’s A Short Life Afterall

Excellent review of an excellent play 😉

Theatrical Ramblings

A piece of comedic theatre about the afterlife… This production has been up against many challenges: actors dropping out, lack of rehearsal space and a tough performance environment to name but a few. Regardless, this brand new piece of comedy by a dear friend of mine, Chavonne Brown, will make you laugh. A lot.

It’s a very confusing plot – if I had one criticism it would be that the story could have been conveyed clearer. However, the acting talent within the play is phenomenal. Alex White‘s character of Norman, complete with ridiculous Yorkshire accent, is a joy to watch. And how could I not mention Will Dolan‘s portrayal of the evil maniac Chauncy – a character with a strange plan to overthrow the afterlife system, using exploding badgers and a purple robe… Ben Webber‘s last minute stand-in appearance was astonishingly good, having been drafted in to…

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It’s a Short Life Afterall

Sure, it’s a plug, but it’s my blog so it’s my rules. Long story short, there’s a play coming up, starring some dear friends of mine, and directed by a couple of great minds. If you’re in the Warwickshire area and have nothing to do for the evening, why don’t you pop along and see this? It’s a Short Life Afterall is a brilliant new comedy in Stratford Upon Avon.

A brand new piece of comic theatre about the less-than-amazing afterlife. Performances are on the 25th May, 26th May and 1st June at Stratford’s Shakespeare Centre on Henley Street from 9:00pm to 10:30pm. An age advisory of 14 is placed on this show, and bear in mind that it is not for the easily offended.

The story is simple…When we die, we are greeted by annoying bureaucrats (known as reapers) the moment we die, subjected to hours of pointless paperwork and tedious waiting before being bundled onto a mystical lift – then it’s up or down.

One day, the systems fails, and two reapers must save all existence from a delusional aristocrat in just three days, hindered by a reluctant cult, Glaswegian demons, sexist angels and exploding badgers. Prepare for a ridiculous ride to reason’s edge, because death doesn’t have to make sense!

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