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Video Game Review: 9.03m

It’s very rare that video games truly transcend the medium, but 9.03m is one of most genuinely sincere things I have ever experienced, and you really should experience it too.

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Short Story: The Astronomer

Time for another short story! This is simply story about an Astronomer. It also involves stars, cities and mornings. Not really any subtext or greater meaning, just thought I’d try my hand at telling a charming story.

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So here’s T-Minus, my first attempt at an original sci-fi script. Whilst certainly quite rocky in some places (it is a first draft!) I hope you can enjoy it!

In the year 2028, scientists predicted that a massive solar flare would take place in 2142, pretty much wiping out the human population. To counteract this, they developed pods that could harness the solar radiation and launch into outer space. The pods would then travel to Mars, where humanity would start afresh. The play takes place in 2142, and starts with Earth’s final hour. We focus on one particular pod filled with people from many different classes. Tensions are high and the pressure is mounting as the countdown brings them ever closer to the end of the world.