Year One

10 plays, 3 short story, collected in over 350 pages! Year One, a compilation of all my 2013 plays!

Download Year One PDF here: Year One (A5)
Word Doc here: Year One (A5)

So I started writing plays about a year ago, and it’s been pretty fun. A couple of them have been short-listed. One of them even won a competition! I’ve really enjoyed writing, and you guys have given me a lot of positive feedback. It makes me realise how fortunate I am to be in an age where content can be shared so easily.

Anyway, I’ve compiled all of my 2013 scripts into one book, called Year One!


Truth be told, my writing process is very haphazard. I write in one session, usually an all-nighter. I hardly ever do redrafts. I don’t plan as much as I should. A lot of my plays have some pretty sketchy and outdated themes, whilst some don’t pay enough attention to the themes that I champion outside of my work. I feel that there’s been a lackluster amount of female protagonists in my scripts. It’s something that I’m definitely going to be working on in 2014, and hopefully you can see me adding more female characters towards the end of the compilation (the scripts are all in chronological order).

Anyway, feel free to download it and share with your friends! If you’d like a book, feel free to contact me at

Download Year One PDF here: Year One (A5)
Word Doc here: Year One (A5)

Year One includes:
Black Box
Waiting For A Train
The Super Awesome Happy Fun-Time Trick Performance
Brown Betty (Adapted from Fringe)
White Tulip (Adapted from Fringe)
Father & Son
The Tragic Tale Of Zachary Pinkman
Goliath (Adapted from Tom Gauld’s Goliath)
Plus the short stories:
Steve The Lighthouse Guy
The Redemption of Banarbus E. Heart
The Astronomer




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